Yoshimura YD-MJN28 Downdraft Vergaserkit 124-190 cc

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Carburetor high-end from billet gathering all hyper efficient technologies from Yoshimura.

Multi-jet Needle : Gasoline passes inside of the needle to be vaporized at best, whatever the position of the carburettor throttle valve.

This allows a much better running engine that is more powerful even on a light throttle.

This is also a big advantage for easy adjustment and stability carburation following external conditions .

Flat-valve: Throttle valve very short for an answer to the throttle very quickly and accurately.

Intake-length very short: Minimizing the maximum length between the valve and Boiseau improves agreement naturally allows admission and to admit more gas in the cylinder. This especially on heavy-duty engines equipped with racing camshafts.

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